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The database is aimed at consolidating biographical data on Estonians who relocated from the Provinces of Estonia and Livonia to southern parts of the Russian Empire between 1855 and 1920, and their descendants, from sources found in various archives.

Names are searchable by the spellings that appear in the sources. It is also possible to search for persons by reference to their place of residence and data source since each person is associated with a specific estate and thereby with a specific parish, county and province.

Currently, the entry of data is still at an early stage, less than 30% of all relocated families are believed to have been entered. The data entry continues and the number of records is constantly increasing, as is the amount of data added from the sources.

The entry of data begun from the register of movements between taxation districts, kept by the Estonian Provincial Office of the Ministry of Finance. Some data were added, along with the respective references, from taxation rolls and parish registers, and from documents found in the Crimean and Caucasian archives or in church records. In addition, some data from the database of ‘Estonian Graves in the Caucasus Area’ (‘Eestlaste hauad Kaukaasias’) has been used in the database.

So far, the database contains data on persons who have resettled from the Province of Estonia in 1861–1881 to the Crimea, Samara province, the North Caucasus and, partly, in 1884 on the Black Sea coast.

Software development was supported by Rahvuskaaslaste programm.